80 sq m

No. of Plants

Planted On

Type of Land

Type of Forest

The one-cent Miyawaki mixed forest in front of Cherian Mathew’s house is a huge success story for several reasons.  One, it has a huge variety of plants and trees that bore fruits and vegetables within a very short span.  It also contains rare and exotic trees, and those that fetch good price in the market.  Some of them are brinjal, thorn apple, elephant yam, African bird’s eye chilly, ginger, Malay gooseberry, guava, sugar apple, chironji, large-flowered bay tree, Indian rosewood, three-leaved caper, star fruit, sandal, red sandal, camphor, Lindley’s aporosa, Spicate eugenia, smooth rattlebox, jack, citrus, Indian bael, coral berry, rambutan, chandramukhi rudraksha, sage-leaved alangium, coffee, Guatamalan indigo, herb-of-grace, Arabian lilac and Ceylon olive.  

The immediate benefits of the forest are that, besides producing vegetables and fruits, it purifies the surrounding air and cools the atmosphere.  The greater benefits will be experienced in the near future.  The trees with grow dense and form a green wall, and it will protect the front of the house from heat, dust and noise pollution.