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Create Micro, Mini or Mega Forests

The Miyawaki Model of afforestation, developed by Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki, former Emeritus Prof. of Yokohoma National University, Japan, is one of the most popular, time-and space- saving templates in the field.
Prof. Akira Miyawaki promotes environmental movements for restoration of forests around the world.

Crowd Foresting volunteers planting the saplings at Kanakakunnu

You can create a forest in less than 1000 days!

The term “crowd foresting” is a word coined by us to denote afforestation with public support. We can create forests in our courtyards or in public places. We can also join hands with like-minded people across the globe to create forests in our life time. Thereby forests can be created within 3-5 years.

Miyawaki forest in Kanakakkunnu5 Cents
Miyawaki forest in Malayinkeezhu2 Cents
Miyawaki forest in Puliyarakonam4 Cents
Miyawaki forest in Peyad2 Cents
Miyawaki forest in EMS Academy5 Cents
Miyawaki forest in Neyyar Dam5 Cents

The Miyawaki Model

The afforestation model developed by Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki has proved to be the most effective solution for creating a forest similar to a natural one. With this method, we can create a forest within 3-5 years. On an average, we get 3 metre growth per year for a plant.

The major components of Miyawaki model afforestation are as follows

Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki

Prof.(Dr) Akira Miyawaki

Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki was born in the Okayama Prefecture of Japan on 29 January 1928. He was an emeritus Professor of the Yokohama National University...

Crowd Foresting

We coined the term "crowd foresting" by clubbing 'crowd funding' and 'afforestation'. It may not be possible for individuals to create forests on their own because of space, time and resource constraints. But Prof. Miyawaki’s revolutionary concept in afforestation makes it possible for ordinary people to create natural forests.

Plant growth of Chalai School after one month After One Month
Plant growth of Kanakakkunnu Miyawaki Forest after six months After Six Months
Plant growth of Kanakakkunnu Miyawaki Forest after one year After One Year