Miyawaki Model Afforestation

Time Tested Model for A Greener Planet

Miyawaki model afforestation to mitigate climate change and to preserve biodiversity with public support. We follow Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki's Model of Afforestation. It helps simulate forests in the tiniest of spaces, and allows us to see them mature within our own lifetime. The crowdforesting technique is the best way to splash our urban spaces with green, and enliven them with mini ecosystems.

Online Training

Are you looking for an effective green solution close by? In your own compound? Farm? Institution premises?

Join our two-tier online training programme. The first module contains 30 short videos which give a comprehensive idea about the Miyawaki Model. On payment you can access them for a full year. The Module is available in both English and Malayalam languages.

Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki


Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki, the well-known Japanese botanist, is the pioneer in the field of quick-and-durable forest creation. The USP of his tried-and-tested model is that anyone can simulate a forest in the smallest of spaces, in the shortest time possible and see it mature within one’s own lifetime.

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Miyawaki Model

We at encourage you to follow the six basic principles of the Miyawaki Model of Afforestation, and put up a forest in your garden plot. The biggest advantage of Prof. Miyawaki’s model is that it helps create a forest in 10-15 years. So anybody can simulate a miniature natural forest in their premises.

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Rejoinder to They grow fast and easy but do Miyawaki forests meet the fundamental principles of ecological restoration by Nikhil Eapen, The Hindu, 3 April 2022
Rejoinder to the The Hindu article on Miyawaki forests by Nikhil Eapen


What's New

Do you wish to know what's trending at crowdforesting? Are you interested in meeting Green Warriors whose work, done with silent commitment, speak volumes about their love of Nature? Do fresh ideas and new experiments in the field of afforestation enthuse you? If yes, take some time off to see our videos that profile people who contribute to Nature conservation, explore novel ways of habitat protection, and trigger debates on crucial environmental issues.

Our Pilot Project

This is the birthplace of crowdforesting

What was once a barren, rocky hill became the lab where many methods of afforestation were tried out and discarded over a dozen years, before the Miyawaki Model literally took root. After tasting success here at Puliyarakonam, M. R. Hari, CEO of Invis Multimedia, a company promoting the conservation of cultural diversity and biodiversity, sought to customize the Miyawaki Model for better results. Today this plot is a bellwether of sorts, hosting fruit, flower and vegetable forests. It has also proved that a reasonable degree of self-reliant living can be maintained by putting up a low-cost house that harnesses all the resources of Nature.

About Us

Crowdforesting is an endeavor to encourage every human to gain awareness of the Miyawaki Model of Afforestation and cultivate a forest in their own backyard. It is a CSR initiative of Invis; a company focused on providing digital solutions customized to the 21st-century media landscape. Invis supports its sister concern Culture Shoppe, in setting up Miyawaki forests and protecting endangered plant species.

Crowdforesting collaborates with AGES (Agriculture and Ecosystem Management Group), an NGO with over thirty years of expertise in ecosystem and agriculture management, to promote natural forests. Nature's Green Guardians Foundation, a not-for-profit company aimed at regreening the environment, is another affiliate in this project.

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