Trees Planted ( from 31 jan 2018 ) : 2841

10 Million Trees in 10 Years

Our beautiful Mother Earth is heating up at an alarming rate and we fear the next few generations will never get to witness the natural wonders we have among us today. As climate change causes mass damage in almost all parts of the world, the amount of land under forest cover keeps decreasing. Our solution to stunt the same begins with CROWD FORESTING, a people based movement to repopulate the landscape of our planet with micro-forests.

Our micro-forests can be set up anywhere, with a bare minimum of 10 square feet being more than enough to begin the process. Forests have historically been great containers of greenhouse gases and this shall instantly help in curtailing them. Urban settings are perfect to install a slew of micro-forests, as these shall add to the overall aesthetic vibe of the surroundings as well, apart from contributing to global cooling.

Human history is a testament to the fact that true change and growth can only be led by the people. Crowd foresting depends solely on individual effort and ingenuity, and our aim is to have over 10 million trees up inside the next 10 years. These are no longer dreams, but very reachable goals. All we need is your support to divert us from the dangerous path we are on and secure the planet for our children.

Join The Race

Climate Change and its effects are no longer distant tales from foreign lands; each and every human on the planet is experiencing them in one way or the other. This is the very time that we must unite and act together before we truly fail to leave the next generations the green haven that had been originally left for us. Collect information, do research and most of all, act! It is indeed time for action.

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Forest Models

The greatest of discoveries are usually a certain mix of enthusiasm, curiosity and sheer determination. The legendary Akira Miyawaki and his famous ‘Miyawaki method’ are a testament to the very same. In a time where people were yet not totally aware of the impending disasters of climate change that the planet would face, this pioneer helped people discover the simple ways in which they could combat the same. His travels across the beautiful landscape of Japan, along with research assignments across the globe, helped him provide us with a wonderful method to reforest Mother Earths barren landscape. He is currently Professor Emeritus at Yokohama National University, Director of the Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology and the 2006 awardee of the Blue Planet Prize.

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