Volunteers from Invis Multimedia after the planting process

Crowdforesting is an endeavor to encourage every human to gain awareness of the Miyawaki Model of Afforestation and cultivate a forest in their own backyard. It is a CSR initiative of Invis; a company focused on providing digital solutions customized to the 21st-century media landscape. Invis supports its sister concern Culture Shoppe, in setting up Miyawaki forests and protecting endangered plant species.

Crowdforesting collaborates with AGES (Agriculture and Ecosystem Management Group), an NGO with over thirty years of expertise in ecosystem and agriculture management, to promote natural forests. Nature's Green Guardians Foundation, a not-for-profit company aimed at regreening the environment, is another affiliate in this project.

The team at Invis has been spearheading campaigns for the conservation of Nature since its inception. It has now transitioned to active solutions like propagation and implementation of the Miyawaki Model. Crowdforesting is a portmanteau word clubbing 'Crowd Funding' and 'Afforestation’