• Dr Miyawaki has created around 1,700 micro forests, mostly across Asia.
  • Now his disciples create much more every year.
  • Dense planting, or accommodating 3-4 plants per square metre of land, is the basis of this method.
  • Such forests grow 10 times faster, sustain 100 times more biodiversity, and absorb 40 times more carbon than conventional forests.
  • Density is the key, with the inclusion of a wide variety of native species.
  • There is no area that is so small or so big that you cannot have a Miyawaki Forest in.
  • It can be created in any place, where sunlight is available for at least 8 hours a day.
  • It attracts local pollinators, butterflies, snails, amphibians and birds.
  • Its importance can be understood when we consider that one million plant species face the risk of extinction.
  • Researchers recommend mass tree planting as the best solution to lock carbon in the soil.
Methods or Steps to simulate a Miyawaki Forest

Methods or Steps to Simulate a Miyawaki Forest

Miyawaki Afforestation and Kerala

Miyawaki Afforestation and Kerala

Meeting Miyawaki, The Master Forester

Meeting Miyawaki, The Master Forester

Video Lessons in English and Malayalam
For Miyawaki Model Afforestation
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