The Miyawaki Model

The afforestation model developed by Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki has proved to be the most effective solution for creating a forest similar to a natural one.
With this method, we can create a forest within 3-5 years. On an average, we get 3 metre growth per year for a plant.

The major components of Miyawaki model afforestation are as follows:

1. Potential Natural Vegetation
    Only indigenous trees should be selected for plantation under this method.

2. Saplings 
    The saplings should be raised in a nursery for at least 3 months, so that  the roots develop fully.

3. Potting Mixture
    The planting area should be filled with a specially-prepared potting mixture. The ingredients may be dried cow dung/goat pellets/organic manure, coir pith/compost material, rice hull/wood shavings and soil in the ratio 1:1:1:1.

4. Three to Four saplings in one sq. m. 
    Three to four saplings (of trees, sub trees and shrubs) may be planted in one square metre.

5. Mulching
    Mulching of up to 6 inches can be done after planting.

6. Pruning
    Pruning and maintenance may be done during the first three years.

Other applications : Besides creating forests, the Miyawaki method can also be used for creating arboretums, herbal gardens, flower gardens, fruit gardens, vegetable gardens, etc. All these can be created in very little space. The growth of plants will be faster, and time taken to get yield will be much less.