Why Afforest

Let's now see why we need a beautiful forest to come right in the middle of any urban setting, apart from the fresh air and aesthetic beauty!

Afforestation refers to building a forest in an area lacking tree cover. Our team believes that afforestation is a small yet massive step to increase the deteriorating green protection of our planet.

It is a silent revolution and a promise given to our Mother Earth.

How to “construct” a mini forest in your backyard? 

Our Method draws from the teachings of the renowned Japanese botanist and plant ecologist Prof. Akira Miyawaki. Using this Method, we can grow a variety of native species in a small space of 600 sq.ft. Through this, you can have a mini forest in your backyard!

Why should you plant trees?

Our planet is reverting to climate and topographic changes that generations before us never faced. Forest land is turning into industrial and residential complexes at an extremely high pace.   So what can indeed be done, if time is against us?

The SOLUTION begins with giving back our planet its lungs - the forests. It's a good sign that people are slowly becoming aware of the importance of trees in their neighborhoods. Forests served as the natural safeguards to a majority of the ecological processes that keep the planet functioning. 

We are witnessing some of the most destructive natural phenomena ever seen by our species in the last few centuries. Only together can we reduce and combat the rising damages inflicted by deforestation and climate change.


Birds, bugs, and forests


How long has it been since you spotted a little sparrow in your locality? Remember those red and black bugs, the ones who frequently visit our plants? Forests served as a hub for numerous big and tiny living species. Deforestation has destroyed the existence of countless such beings. These, in turn, upset the delicate balance of our fragile ecosystems. Humans must take responsibility and work together to revitalize the natural balance of the planet.



A simple way to notice the dire need for a people's movement lies in the following example. There has been a steep rise in the purchase of air purifiers in many metropolitan cities in India, especially during the October-November Diwali vacations. These areas and their residents are finding it hard to cope with the high amount of smog produced during the festival.  Most urban spaces tend to have very few vegetated areas, and thus, the carbon dioxide emitted is left to go right into the atmosphere for us to breathe.

Forests have controlled carbon emissions for centuries. The massive increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is a direct cause of the excessive use of fossil fuels and the mass deforestation that has taken place over the last few centuries. 

So the first step to stabilization is to restore nature's premeditated balance. While we learn how to deal with carbon emissions, let us bring back the natural air purifiers that Mother Earth had placed here eons ago. It will be the most optimal and fastest way to stifle the growing effects of climate change and global warming.

Micro-forests represent the ability to sprinkle any urban setting with a natural solution to all environmental concerns.

Creating Awareness

We are the era with the appropriate technology actually to implement change. Together we must mobilise to protect the planet. Reforestation is the best carbon sink in the short term and shall protect us from natural disasters as well. 

Mother Earth is suffering from climate shifting, not merely climate change. Dangerous weather patterns are appearing across the globe. Afforestation gives us clean water, healthy wildlife habitat, and carbon sequestration that directly counters the negatives of greenhouse gases. 

Role of Crowd Foresting

We now have access to innovative ways with which to infuse reforestation methods into our day to day lives. Our goal from here on out is to introduce and explain the same to you, as only together can we combat this massive threat that our planet faces. We are here to help you creating micro-forests of your own.