In keeping with the ethos of the Miyawaki Model of Afforestation that we promote, and in a bid to adopt a lifestyle that is both cost-effective and environment-friendly, a small but convenient house was built at the Puliyarakonam plot at a very low cost.  

The entire house covers a mere 450 sq. ft.  The 55o sq. ft. veranda forms a living space that permits close proximity with Nature.  The unique feature of this structure is that it has been constructed largely with used wooden panels and clay floor and roof tiles, a significant factor that brought down the cost considerably.  A fibre-coated water trough that runs all around the house, covering 350 sq. ft., functions as an aquarium, and also prevents ants, worms and other crawling insects from entering the house.   Solar panels provide additional power to light up the house.    The wooden panels and the presence of trees and plants all around keeps the entire place cool even during extreme summer.  Rain water harvesting facility has also been put up.