A food forest which include fruits and vegetable plants, covering an area of 49 sq. m, was created close to the first Miyawaki forest in the Puliyarakonam plot in June 2019.  The saplings were planted slightly apart, at the rate of one per one sq. m.  The intervening spaces were used to grow vegetable plants – like Colocasia, elephant yam, banana and tapioca – required for the home kitchen.  Although these grew well, the trees failed to grow at the expected rate.  Other tree saplings were planted in this area later on but it did not have any appreciable result.  

A total of 55 plants belonging to 31 species grow here.  They include drumstick, tamarind, curry leaf, varieties of lemon, mangosteen, August tree leaf, custard apple, varieties of gooseberry, varieties of watery rose apple, mango, jack, bread fruit, coffee, cashew, mootapalam, Indian black berry, chikoo, oleander, bilimbi, rambootan, Ashoka, and others.