A fruit- and a vegetable forest, together covering an area of 77 sq. m, made in Miyawaki style, stand close to the environment friendly house in Hari’s plot at Puliyarakonam in Thiruvananthapuram.  They were created in May 2019.  There are approximately 138 plants, belonging to 39 different species, including two coconut palms, in them.  

They include varieties of gooseberry, jack, mango, guava, August tree leaf, Israeli fig, mombins (Malaysian and native), Indian black berry, soursop, chikoo, Ashoka, varieties of watery rose apple, mulberry, cotton, pomegranate, butter fruit, custard apple, varieties of lemon, mootapalam, bread fruit, coffee, coral berry, clove, jujube, Indian coffee plum, curry leaf, Indian tragacanth, mangosteen and others.  The fences enclosing them have also been profitably utilized to support vegetable climbers.

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