MR Hari, Managing Director of Invis Multimedia receiving the Award
Metro MSME Award 2020

Invis Multimedia received the 'Metro MSME Award 2020' in the category 'Green Project Promotor' for its ever green project: Crowd Foresting - which mainly focuses on the implementation of…

Saplings ready for planting at Andaloorkavu
Miyawaki Forest at Andaloorkavu

Our new Miyawaki forest at Andaloorkavu, Kannur done for  Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K–DISC)

Miyawaki forest at Shankhumugham beach
Plantation Completed at Shankhumugham Beach

Plantation completed at Shankhumugham Beach Miyawaki forest on 06.12.2020. 

Planting in progress at Dept. of Women and Child Development, Thrissur

Planting in progress at our #MiyawakiProject at Dept. of Women and Child Development, Thrissur, Kerala. This #MiyawakiForest is getting ready in 10 cents of land. 

Planting of trees
Planting started

Planting started on 08.10.2020 at our Miyawaki Project for Dept. BRDC - Bekal Resorts Development Corporation Ltd at Bekal Beach Park, Kasaragod, in 10 cents of land.

Land preparation phase at Thrissur
Land preparation phase at Thrissur

Our Miyawaki Model Forest project at Dept. of Women and Child Development, Thrissur, Kerala. This #MiyawakiForest is getting ready in 10 cents of land. The initial land preparation phase is…

Work in progress at Bekal Fort
Miyawaki Forest at Bekal Fort

One of the most visited tourist sites in Kerala, Bekal Fort is located in Kasaragod district of Kerala. Our afforestation project here has completed the trenching and foundation phase. It…

FAQ videos on Miyawaki Afforestation
Miyawaki Afforestation FAQ Videos

Watch Miyawaki Afforestation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Videos in our Youtube Channel on Wednesdays. Click here to view the videos

Land on preparation
Upcoming Forest at Valayaar, Palakkad

This is one of our latest projects. Located at Valayaar in Palakkad district, this 10 cents of land is in the land preparation phase. This is a very important aspect…

Miyawaki Forest on Krishi Darshan Programme

An episode about the Miyawaki forest and it's benefits done for the programme Krishi Darshan in DD Malayalam (Doordarshan)

Growth of trees after 14 months
Kanakakkunnu Miyawaki Forest After 14 Months

Man-made Forests planted at Kanakakkunnu Palace Grounds at Thiruvananthapuram for Kerala Tourism.

Mushrooms at Puliyarakonam: Solution to rectify Nature’s calendar?

As we have observed around us in the last few years, nature's balance has been thrown into turmoil. According to experts, nature’s calendar has almost completely collapsed due to violent…

Clerodendrum bungei
The Rose Glorybower makes Puliyarakonam its home

The Rose Glorybower or Clerodendrum bungei is catching eyeballs at our crowdforesting initiative at Puliyarakonam in Kerala, situated in the southern tip of India. The bold pink of this semi-deciduous…

Crimson Glider at Puliyarakonam
The Crimson Glider at Puliyarakonam

Japanese folklore tells us that dragonflies are symbols of good fortune, strength, and prosperity. This monsoon, Puliyarakonam got several of these red visitors, specifically the  Greater Crimson Glider. Puliyarakonam represents…

This Trivandrum man grew a mini forest on 3 cents of land

M R Hari, the managing director of Invis Multimedia has created a #forest on his land in Puliyarakonam.

Gold Shower or the Galphimia gracilis blooming in Puliyarakonam
Its Raining Gold in Puliyarakonam

The Gold Shower or the Galphimia gracilis is flourishing at the flowering garden at Puliyarakonam. This small evergreen tropical shrub is native to Mexico and is known for its bright…

Routine pruning of plants done in EMS Academy, Thiruvananthapuram, Keral
Pruning of plants done after three months of planting

These are visuals from a routine pruning at the EMS Academy in Thiruvananthapuram. The mini-forest is currently three months old. Pruning is required to maintain the structural integrity of the…

Vibrant Bumblebees
Rare Bumblebees seen at Puliyarakonam

A species of the colorful Bumblebees have been seen at our flagship Miyawaki forest site in Puliyarakonam. It was identified based on the distinct yellow and black bands of hairs…

Caterpillar form of Papilio clytia
The Common Mime at Puliyarakonam

The caterpillar form of the Papilio clytia or the Common Mime was seen at Puliyarakonam, our first Crowdforesting project. The photo captures the caterpillar in its 5th and final instar.…

Mr. M.R. Hari (L); Prof. (Dr.) Akira Miyawaki (R)
Meeting the Mentor A special session with Prof. Dr Akira Miyawaki

The influence of Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki on our crowd foresting project is insurmountable. His concepts on afforestation and the importance of indigenous species in revitalizing our ecosystem…

Saplings flourish after six months at  Puliyarakonam, Mylamood, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Puliyarakonam - 6 Months Later

Puliyarakonam was the very first Miyawaki forest in all of Kerala and was our first public crowd foresting initiative as well. Six months into the project, we are proud to…

Leaf Beetle
Leaf Beetles make their presence felt at Puliyarakonam

A beautiful leaf beetle adds to the charm of our micro-forest at Puliyarakonam. The oval-shaped and short-legged insects belong to the family Chrysomelidae, which contains over 35,000 beetle species. They…

Pruning work at Kanakakkunnu Forest

The entire Crowd Foresting family participates in the scheduled pruning session at our micro-forest at Kanakakkunnu Palace grounds. This specific forest is home to around 500 indigenous wild trees, medicinal…

The saplings stride upwards at  Kanakakkunnu Palace
A progress update seven months after plantation at Kanakakkunnu Palace

The 232.4 sq m micro-forest at Kanakakkunnu Palace was inaugurated on 2nd January 2019. Six months into the project, we are delighted to see growth up to twelve feet in…