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Meeting the Mentor A special session with Prof. Dr Akira Miyawaki

Mr. M.R. Hari (L); Prof. (Dr.) Akira Miyawaki (R)
Mr. M.R. Hari (L); Prof. (Dr.) Akira Miyawaki (R)

The influence of Prof. (Dr) Akira Miyawaki on our crowd foresting project is insurmountable. His concepts on afforestation and the importance of indigenous species in revitalizing our ecosystem helped spark our entire initiative. Hence, it was our great honor to be granted a personal meeting with the great botanist himself, as he gave us his opinions on our micro-forests.

The 92-year-old pioneer met with Mr. M.R. Hari, MD of Invis Multimedia, and looked over our entire project. Currently based in the beautiful Odano area of Japan, he encouraged us to keep planting more saplings. He advised us to focus on indigenous strains and avoid too many fruit-based trees, as these are viable on the outskirts of the forest. Overall, he was pleased and full of vigor with a clear vision that reforestation is the only way to hinder the rising waves of climate change.

Posted Date 15-08-2019