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The Rose Glorybower makes Puliyarakonam its home

Clerodendrum bungei
The majestic Rose Glorybower blooms at the Miyawaki micro-forest at Puliyarakonam, Kerala, India

The Rose Glorybower or Clerodendrum bungei is catching eyeballs at our crowdforesting initiative at Puliyarakonam in Kerala, situated in the southern tip of India. The bold pink of this semi-deciduous Shrub has added to the already biodiversity of this former barren land. Normally it is native to the East Asian bloc of China, Vietnam, and Taiwan. It is a welcome addition and further proof of the ability of micro-forests to revitalize an area. It usually grows up to 2 meters tall and spreads out its roots to form beautiful thickets.

Posted Date 25-10-2019