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The Crimson Glider at Puliyarakonam

Crimson Glider at Puliyarakonam
The Urothemis signata or the Greater Crimson Glider spotted at Puliyarakonam, Kerala, India.

Japanese folklore tells us that dragonflies are symbols of good fortune, strength, and prosperity. This monsoon, Puliyarakonam got several of these red visitors, specifically the  Greater Crimson Glider. Puliyarakonam represents our first foray into the world of crowdforesting and we keep encountering new species in the former rocky terrain.

The Crimson Glider usually appears in Kerala during October and November. It is native to wetlands and seen in many Asian countries and pockets of Australia. They love lurking on sticks and branches in the blazing sunshine and are distinguishable by black dorsal marks on the latter segments of their abdomen.

Posted Date 22-10-2019