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The Common Mime at Puliyarakonam

Caterpillar form of Papilio clytia
Caterpillar form of Papilio clytia

The caterpillar form of the Papilio clytia or the Common Mime was seen at Puliyarakonam, our first Crowdforesting project. The photo captures the caterpillar in its 5th and final instar. Instars represent different stages in the lifecycle of a caterpillar. The creature shall remain in this form for about four days until pupation begins.

It is a type of the swallowtail butterfly, which is usually large and colorful. These butterflies have a wingspan of up to 93 mm. Their black and white color as young caterpillars is said to mimic bird droppings. These patterns help deter predators. They also carry an acid to protect them as well. In their larval form, they feed off citrus plants.

Posted Date 23-08-2019