What most people want to know is where we source our forest trees from, at cheap or reasonable prices. We have government nurseries at the Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanical Garden at Palode, and the Kerala Forest Research Institute at Peechi. But they do not grow or sell plants on a large scale. Although they have the infrastructure for it, they focus more on research. The nursery I have depended upon the most is at Kuzhipallam in Thiruvananthapruam. It is roughly 18 km from the city, located close to the Mulayamthanni Bhagavathy temple on the Neyyattinkara route, as you proceed from Balaramapuram to Vizhinjam.

The proprietor is a man named Alex, and he sells plants at affordable prices. He has more than 300 varieties of plants, and rare ones like Mootapalam, Aporosa, Salacia and others, that you are not likely to find in any other nursery. What you see now are visuals of that nursery. At the end card of this video, you will see their contact number. Those who wish to purchase plants may first talk to him before going there. If you do bulk purchase, they will arrange a lorry for transport, and will take them to other districts as well as far as Ernakulam. The nursery is open on Sundays too. We recommend this nursery not only because of the good quality of the saplings they sell but also because of their competitive rates.