Enlist Your Miyawaki Forest

One of the main objectives of www.crowdforesting.org is to promote efforts by individuals to grow Miyawaki forests. Many people, inspired by this website, have begun to simulate natural forests and have set up flower, fruit, or medicinal gardens. They have also started video-documenting their afforestation work.

We request you to upload your video on Facebook or YouTube. All you need to do is click here. We will publish your work and promote your effort which could encourage others to initiate this in their surroundings. Your photograph, relevant personal details, and a link to the video/ photograph of the forest you created will be published on this page.

Calling all Green thumbs of the world! Let's unite to do our best...

We promote Miyawaki model afforestation and responsible living.

Miyawaki Forest


Miyawaki Forest

This is a miyawaki modeled mini forest planted in the frontyard of our house at Malayinkeezhu.

Place: Malayinkeezhu Area: 98 sq.m No. of Plants: 110 Planted On: 31-07-2019

Backyard Mini Miyawaki Forest

Pradeep J

Backyard Mini Miyawaki Forest

This is a backyard mini forest planted using Miyawaki model afforestation at Poovachal. The forest planted in 3 cents with more than 200 varieties of plants which includes fruit bearing trees, medicinal plants and many. Watch the video to see the forest.

Place: Poovachal, Anacodu Area: 3 cents No. of Plants: 200 Planted On: 24-04-2020