Our lungs are hanging by the trees...

As perennial victims of climate change, it is the need of the hour to make a stand. The planet needs us to find practical solutions to combat natural disasters and weather distortions that ail us with alarming frequency. Only a movement from the ground upward can solve this looming threat, and thus, we introduce Crowd Foresting.

Crowd Foresting represents a dedicated group of nature lovers, bound solely with the mission to recapture and replenish the natural beauty and resources of the planet. We believe that our micro-forests can heal the scars that rapid deforestation has left on Mother Earth. Together, we can take the planet back to a cleaner and greener era. 

Why Crowd Foresting? 
The consequences of climate change are already evident.  We, as humans, with all our technological advancements, have a crucial role to play. Unless we take immediate action to decrease worldwide carbon emissions, these effects will continue to intensify and harm the planet at a worse rate. Climate change impacts everyone- including you, your community, and your family.  The time for change is NOW, and only together can we bring about the revolution we need. 

Our micro-forests can be set up anywhere, with a bare minimum of 10 square feet being required to get things started. Urban settings are perfect for installing a slew of micro-forests, as these shall add to the overall aesthetic vibe of the surroundings, apart from contributing to global cooling.

Crowd foresting depends solely on individual effort and ingenuity, and we aim to have over ten million trees up inside the next ten years. These are no longer dreams but very feasible goals. All we need is your support to divert us from the dangerous path of destruction we are on and secure the planet for our children.