Our Story

Our Story

The threat of climate change is looming over our planet. As the forest cover around the globe is reducing, the rate of natural disasters is increasing. Continuance of the evil of deforestation can only lead to the extinction of our entire species as a whole. Most countries actively aid in the destruction of natural forest cover for the purpose of urbanization and industrialisation. Others indirectly but viciously promote deforestation by importing wood products from other countries. The impact of deforestation is immense and leads to a number of natural disasters like floods, landslides and droughts.

Deforestation is also widely considered to be the driving force behind climate change. Only recently has it been accepted as a major threat to our existence on this planet, but even so, not enough measures are being taken to ensure that enough forest cover is sustained and new forests are planted.

Of all the countermeasures before us, we find the Miyawaki Method of Afforestation by Prof ( Dr) Akira Miyawaki the most suitable solution for the present needs of the planet. Following the tenants of this Method, you can grow a forest on a piece of land as small as 50 square meters. The Miyawaki Method ensures an overall growth of 10 meters in 3 years and creates a forest as good as a 100-year-old forest within 10-15 years.

One of the only feasible and affordable solutions to combat global warming that is endangering humanity as a whole, the Miyawaki Method of Afforestation can be easily employed in urban settlements as well.  It is quick, affordable and efficient,  and the beauty of the method lies in the simple fact that any empty space you encounter can be instantly transformed into a miniature forest.

We hail Prof ( Dr.) Miyawaki as a treasured mentor who has shown us the optimal way to tackle the impending doom that the planet faces.

We are always open to new solutions to combat deforestation and climate change. Do reach out to us with all your experiences and suggestions.

Let us join hands in this fight to save Mother Earth!