Culture Shoppe Pvt. Ltd.
Kaudiar, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala, India-695003
Mobile : +91 6282903190
Culture Shoppe focuses on promoting traditional handicrafts and souvenirs of Kerala, and also products from other parts of India. Culture Shoppe believes that afforestation has to play an important role in helping traditional cottage industries to source raw material in future.


Organic Mission Charitable Society
This group aspires to regenerate the organic farming methods by exploring the traditional knowledge of man in the agricultural sector. Retaining and encouraging traditional knowledge, elimination of chemical fertilizers that are harmful to both human beings and other living organisms, preservation of biodiversity and creation of groups that share thoughts similar to this are the functional areas.

Invis Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.
Invis Multimedia has been specializing in digital content generation and ICT solutions since 1995. Promoting afforestation with digital tools is a major voluntary activity of Invis Multimedia.